Qso Banat Timisoara

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ACASA UUS in QSO Banat - directi de dezvoltare
UUS in QSO Banat - directi de dezvoltare

UUS in QSO Banat - directi de dezvoltare
Nu ma intereseaza partea de UUS
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Facem si site fix , dar pastram optiunea de portabil
23  28.4%
Dezvoltam un site fix la Jimbolia
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Ne marim dotarile pentru portabil
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Number of Voters  :  81
First Vote  :  Thursday, 29 January 2015 21:32
Last Vote  :  Monday, 29 June 2020 07:38


Anul acesta se implinesc 30 de ani de la Revolutia din 1989. Revolutie care a inceput in data de 16 Decembrie in Timisoara, motiv pentru care anul acesta in concursul pe care il organizam in banda de 80m, CUPA TIMISULUI, vom fi prezenti in plus fata de traditionalul YP1989TM, si cu alte indicative speciale, prin care vom incerca sa tinem vie amintirea evenimentelor din Decembrie `89 si sa cinstim memoria eroilor din acele zile.

Vom fi ON Air pe toata perioada lunii Decembrie 2019 .

Astfel ca cei care reusesc in toata aceasta perioada sau in timpul concursului din data de 15 DECEMBRIE sa efectueze un QSO valabil cu YP1989TM si un QSO valabil cu unul din celelalte indicative speciale, pot solicita o diploma in format electronic (gratuita). Solicitarile pentru varianta tiparita a diplomei se vor adresa la  club@yo2kqt.ro. Pretul este de 10 RON.

Se accepta orice mod, banda de lucru.

Alaturi de YP1989TM vor fi in emisie si

YP30LLZ, op YO2LLZ - Epy

YP30LSP, op YO2LSP - Edi

YP30MKL, op YO2MKL - Sasa

YP30MTG, op YO2MTG - Gigi


This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Romanian Revolution 1989.

Revolution that started on December 16 in Timisoara,and soon spread throughout the country. It was the bloodiest of Europe’s anticommunist uprisings. With more than 1,000 people killed, and a ruthless end for the Ceausescus, Romania’s revolution stunned the world for its violence

To honor the memory of the heroes of those days the station YP1989TM,will be active for full month of December. Alongside we will have YP30MTG, YP30MKL, YP30LLZ and YP30LSP

For The anniversary DIPLOMA you need 1 QSO with YP1989TM and 1 with one station with callsign YP30, regardless of band or mode.

Electronic award is free of charge. Printed version will be 5 EUR and application can be address to:  club@yo2kqt.ro.

Log search available on QRZ.com and www.YO2KQT.RO